My path to becoming a Lactation Consultant and Educator was paved by working for many years as a Doula (both birth and postpartum) and a Midwife's Assistant.  It was through this work that I was able to bear witness to and support women through the challenges of birth and breastfeeding.  

I received my IBCLC certification through the Lactation Consultant Education program through the University of Southern California San Diego and completed over 300 clinical hours at a combination of Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, as well as private practice consultations. In addition to course and clinical work I passed a board exam and will recertify every five years. I am a proud member of the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) and participate regularly in events through Breastfeed LA. I currently work part time as an IBCLC at Kaiser Sunset.  

In 2012 I started The Mama Walk to offer breastfeeding support and create community on the east side of Los Angeles.  

As an educator I am certified through The International Childbirth Education Association and attended the CAPPA Lactation Educator Training.  I offer my clients evidence based information mixed with practical guidance gleaned from my years of witnessing hundreds of births in the hospital, home, and birth center settings.  I aim to help my clients form a strong foundation so that they can let go and be truly present in each moment of the experience.  

I am originally from Chicago and have been in Los Angeles since 2010.  I have been with my husband, Buck, since 2001 and we enjoy hiking, seeing movies, playing board games, and eating our way through LA.  I am an avid knitter, ice cream eater, and although I am newer to it, I also enjoy gardening.  I've been practicing mindfulness meditation since 2012 and feel like it comes in handy most when I am stuck on the 5.   

Buck and Kate in Big Sur

Buck and Kate in Big Sur